About us

ToddPlas began operating the Plastic Washing and Recycling process at the Rufforth Site in York, Yorkshire in 2010. Building on a history stretching back over 110 years with FD Todd & Sons, ToddPlas have quickly become one of the regions greenest recyclers of all types of plastics. With a commitment to recovering as much plastic as we can from all wastes we ensure that the processes used have as little environmental impact as possible (see our supergreen ethos page for further information).

With our positive and progressive approach to waste management we are able to provide simple and practical solutions to our customers’ needs. Whether they need the simple recovery of a coat hanger or the safe and confidential recycling of waste packaging we are able to ensure that it is handled in an ethical and safe manner. We are also specialists in plastic recycling washing of contaminated materials which other companies won’t touch. It is down to our unique custom built plastic washing machinery that we can ensure that all contamination is safely removed and has a very small influence on the environmental.

Our services include:

  • Flexible and Rigid Plastic washing and recycling
  • Contaminated plastic washing and recycling
  • Mixed plastic and metal washing and recycling
  • Anerobic Digestion Plastics
  • Bespoke plastic washing and granulation machinery

It is our commitment is to ensure that we provide the greenest, safest and quickest method for cleaning and granulating waste plastic and we are well on the way to running a self-sustaining operation in doing this.